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Board member contact information, terms of service and meeting minutes.

Library Board Meeting Information

The District Library Board meets monthly on the third Tuesday,  at 5:30 pm at the Library. Members of the public may attend; masks are recommended for all individuals and appropriate distancing must be maintained, per CDC and MDHHS guidelines.

Library Board - Job Description and Application

The Galesburg Charleston Memorial District Library Board consists of seven members – three from Charleston Township, three from Galesburg (City) and one which alternates between the two municipalities. The Township Supervisor (Charleston) or Mayor (Galesburg) appoint Board members, who serve a four-year term.

Board members are a dedicated group of professionals. They vary in interest, experience, profession, and age, but are united in their devotion to the library. There is no monetary compensation for serving on the Library Board.


  • Advocate for the Library in the community
  • Employ and evaluate the Library Director
  • Establish policy
  • Determine the budget
  • Plan for the future of the Library


  • Attend all Board meetings and participate appropriately
  • Read Board minutes and other materials sent out before the Board meeting
  • Be informed about all phases of the Library’s operation
  • Serve on committees as assigned by the Board Chair
  • Lend expertise and leadership to the Board for the good of the Library
  • Actively participate in workshops and activities
  • Participate in fundraising activities
  • Visit the Library often and be acquainted with its services by using them
  • Be an advocate for the Library


  • Resident of either Charleston Township or City of Galesburg
  • Possess a true sense of the Library’s importance to the economic, social and educational life of the community
  • Have an appreciation for the Library and a desire to provide the best possible services for the community
  • Ability to work with people, communicate effectively, plan, and lead
  • Belief in the importance of access to materials of lifelong independent learning for everyone

Library Board Application

Library Board Brochure

Library Board Job Description

Library Board Contacts and Terms

Name Municipality Email Term Expires
Linda Behnke, Treasurer Charleston Township 12/31/2026
Sara Hough Charleston Township 12/31/2024
Scott Klien, President Galesburg (City) 12/31/2026
Bobbi Nigg Charleston Twp (Rotating) 12/31/2022
Kimber Shaffer Charleston Township 12/31/2025
Vacant Galesburg (City) 12/31/2025
Vacant Galesburg (City) 12/31/2027

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